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Cornelius Composer

One of the easiest ways to compose music

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Flute Master

Learning to play the recorder has never been so much fun

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Rhythmic Village

Learn how to read music and drum to the beat

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Baby Composer

Compose short melodies with a glockenspiel

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Hello Music

Say hello to music and play

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Harmony City

Learn how to play guitar or ukulele easily.

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Transform every music lesson into an exciting adventure in which you conquer treasures, collect points, help dragons and much more. Classplash’s World of Music apps help you to playfully improve your musical skills. At home or in the classroom – you decide. Try now for free!

Transform the classroom

Do you want to motivate your students and improve the classroom experience? Then dive into our digital world, which supports your professional needs, while keeping your students engaged and happy.

Our World of Music Program is based on the Portuguese public music curriculum. Each app is the result of a worldwide award-winning educational project developed in collaboration with over two hundred primary school students. Check out our testimonial video to see how the members of our globally growing network use our apps.

Make children smile with fun music lessons

We profoundly believe that all children worldwide should have access to high quality music education as early as possible in order to improve their personal development in the areas of happiness, emotional intellect and self-confidence.

Our mission is to provide children with the opportunity to learn how to make music by accessing our virtual world. Through charity programs and the combination of technology and cooperation partners, we aim to reach students and teachers even in developing countries. Support us on our mission – Let’s classplash!

The way we learn is changing

Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to be introduced to making music in a playful way, or you simply want to practice what you have learned in your last music lesson. Where? When and how? With our apps, the choice is up to you!

As each software solution is available on multiple platforms, you have a variety of options to start your musical adventure. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey!

World of Music on YouTube

Our YouTube Channel offers a variety of free educational content where you can learn Our YouTube channel offers a variety of free educational content, including videos on music theory and tutorials on playing current chart hits on the soprano recorder.Get to know our friends: the funny music notes “Mujis”, the dragon Cornelius, the Rhythmiacs and many more. Join us on our adventures.

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