One of the easiest ways to compose music!

Learning how to play recorder was never so much fun!

Learn how to read music and drum to the beat!

Children can compose small melodies with a metallic xylophone.

Say hello to music and play!

Classplash's vision

We are dedicated to giving you the most engaging and educational music experience. Dive into an outstanding world of music no matter where you are; at home or in the classroom.

We develop digital content with the goal to offer exciting moments in learning, particularly for young music students. Educators, on the other hand, get access to educational tools to extend their teaching methods. We also share our commitment with charity projects (S) all over the world.

Where? When? Why? Decide for yourself...

The way we learn is changing! 

Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to get introduced to music in a playful way, or you just want to solidify what you learned in your last music lesson.

As our learning software solutions are available on multiple platforms, you have a wide range of opportunities to access our wonderful world of music. Assisting you on this journey makes us very happy!

Changing the classroom

Do you want to engage your students and improve the classroom experience? Then dive into the digital world of music, which supports your professional needs, while keeping your students engaged and happy.

Our titles are the result of a worldwide awarded educational project, which was developed with the collaboration of over two hundred primary school students. Today our studios are located inside the Classplash Music Academy and we are collaborating with educators and students worldwide.  Check the testimonial video here!

World of Music Youtube Lessons

Classplash’s World of Music is a series about music education where you’ll learn all about melody, rhythm, music theory and other wonderful things related with music. Let’s dive into the World of Music, together with our friends: the Muji – the funny music note, Oratio the pirate, Cornelius the dragon, rhythmiacs and many others. We hope that you join us on our adventures and that we can have a lot of fun together!

We are dedicated to creating digital content for music education. Apart from our apps we are also releasing weekly at our YouTube Channel content to help you in music literacy all across the globe.



Exclusive distribution partner

Music books, instruments, and instrument sets are the core competences of the renowned Voggenreiter Verlag. As an exclusive distribution partner, Voggenreiter offers retailers all of Classplash’s products and bundles specially developed for kindergartens and schools.

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