Compose short melodies with a Glockenspiel


Compose music with 8 musical notes and 10 different background tracks (full version only). Easy introduction to musical notation. Melodies composed can be exported and saved – e.g. as a ringtone. The app is translated in portuguese, english and german.
Strengthens parent-child relationship.
With special setting options, accesible for adults only. Can also be used in classrooms. Minimum recommended age: 3.

Supported instrument


Become the next music prodigy

Step into the footsteps of Mozart and compose your own pieces of music!

Baby Composer is a simple and engaging game that teaches children the basics of musical notation while they compose little melodies.

A couple of notes on the glockenspiel and your first composition comes to life.

Well-made compositions can be saved, exported and used, for example, as a ringtone.



Also available as a bundle

Baby Composer is also available in a bundle with matching a high-quality musical instrument. You can find the set in music shops, bookstores, toy stores and many online shops.

The instruments are personally tested by Classplash to ensure optimal compatibility and the bundles are designed to deliver the best possible playing experience with Baby Composer.