Cornelius Composer

One of the easiest ways to compose music

  • Import scores (MusicXML and MIDI) (only in complete version).
  • ExportE scores (MusicXML, MIDI, and PDF) (only in complete version).
  • If you zoom in, the music notes will be transformed into animated creatures.
  • Switch between melodic and rhythmic sheet view.
  • Customizable colourful music notes.
  • Sheet editing while reproducing (loop while you edit!).
  • Playback using Solfège-voices (do, re, mi) or instruments.
  • Available in different languages..
  • Also ready for classroom use.
  • Make Music Everywhere

    With Cornelius Composer, teachers and students can easily compose music without complex and difficult-to-use notation software. The compositions can be created for example on the PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

    Pupils unfold their musical creativity without hindrance in Cornelius Composer and, at the same time, are carefully and didactically introduced to the topic of music composition. For teachers and educators, Cornelius Composer offers the unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently compose sheet music for teaching and learning. The coloured notation can be conveniently changed at any time and adapted to the most diverse instrument sets.




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