One of the easiest ways to compose music


Tha app is able to import (MusicXML, MIDI) and export scores (MusicXML, MIDI, PDF). (only in full version). Transform music notes into colourful animated creatures by zooming in. Switch between melodic and rhythmic sheet view. The app is translated in portuguese, english and german.
Edit sheets while reproducing (loop while you edit!). Playback using Solfège-voices (do, re, mi) or instruments. Can also be used in classrooms. Minimum recommended age: 6.

Make Music Everywhere

With Cornelius Composer, teachers and students can easily compose music without complex and difficult-to-use notation software. The compositions can be created on PC, tablet or mobile phone, for example.

In Cornelius Composer, students can freely develop their musical creativity while being gently and didactically introduced to the subject of music composition.

For teachers and educators, Cornelius Composer offers the unique opportunity to compose sheet music quickly and efficiently for teaching and learning. The colored notation can easily be changed at any time and adapted to different instrumental sets.

Tools for teachers

Our apps are the result of a worldwide award-winning project, which has been developed in collaboration with over 200 primary school students. Today, we are working with a large network of teachers and specialists in the field of music pedagogy.

Great for teachers: use a projector or interactive whiteboard to engage your students like never before! The content of the app follows most countries’ music curriculum and even teachers without musical training can use them to enhance their lessons.


If you have a license, you can also download for Windows | macOS.



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