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Purchases and Licenses

I purchased the app and didn’t get a license!

Did you purchase the app on an online store (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Steam)?

Unfortunately, licenses (ID and Key) are not given with a store purchase and are only included in bundles of physical products such as musical instruments. This is due to the stores’ rules regarding unlock codes. When you purchase on an online store such as the App Store or Google Play, you get the full app only on that system.

To be clear, licenses are equivalent to a purchase but they work on all platforms, so we are subjected to certain rules from the stores. For example, we cannot give users licenses that unlock the full apps, unless they come with the aforementioned physical products (such as a recorder flute bundle).

Before 2018 you could also purchase licenses for Windows/macOS through our website and PayPal. We no longer provide that option.

I purchased the app on an online store. Can I use it on another store or on a standalone Windows/macOS version?

In most cases, no. A purchase on a store like Google Play, the App Store, the Microsoft Store or Steam only works for that store. Due to store rules we cannot automatically generate licenses or codes from purchases, which would allow unlocking them on other systems.

We are allowed to use licenses only when in conjunction with a physical product such as an instrument bundle.

I purchased the app and nothing happened!

Normally, after pressing the “Purchase” button in the app you are taken to a store screen to proceed with the purchase. When you complete it, the app should inform you that it is fully unlocked.

If this didn’t happen for some reason but your purchase went through, we recommend restarting the app and trying the “Restore purchase” button below the purchase button. You will still need an active Internet connection.

If it still doesn’t work please contact us at

I purchased the full version but the levels are still locked! Why?

They aren’t really “locked” any more. 🙂 In our games, if you have purchased the full version unlock you have access to all main levels of the game, but you still probably need to complete level 1 to unlock level 2, level 2 to unlock level 3, and so on. That is all!

I have purchased your app before but now it asks me for either a purchase or a license and restore purchases does not work. Why?

If restoring the purchase does not work and you are on the same store account, then there are two main possibilities:

1. If you are on Android, the data for Google Play purchases on your device may be out of date. This is common. To fix this, first close our app completely from the open apps screen. Then access the list of installed apps on your system and search for “Google Play Store” and “Google Play services”. You should delete the cached data for both of these. Then try opening our app again to restore the purchase.

2. It’s possible that you purchased a previous version of the app but are trying to use the newer one. At some point we moved most of our apps from a paid-up-front model to a free version with purchase inside, and unfortunately it was not possible to move the previous users automatically, since the stores consider it a completely different app. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience! If you think this is the case, please send us a copy of the email you received from the store with the purchase information (feel free to remove any sensitive data), so we can try to give you access to the most recent version.

I want to purchase something, but it always says “The purchase system isn’t ready”. My Internet connection is on! What is happening?

Most likely, the purchasing system had a problem starting up and is now giving you trouble. Generally, it should be able to contact the store after a short while with an active Internet connection. If it doesn’t, we recommend that you try to close the app entirely and run it again.

To close the app on Android and iOS, you should open the screen that shows all the open apps and swipe the app.

Can I use a license on multiple devices?

Yes! Most licenses (included in physical bundles) let you use them on 3 different personal devices, and our system may renew these when enough time passes to cover cases where you lost access to a computer where you inserted the license.

I purchased your software for a personal device. Can I also use it in the classroom?

If the device used in the classroom is yours, such as a laptop you bring to class everyday, you surely can!

If you have a license you may also use it on a school computer that is only used by you. If, on the other hand, multiple teachers share the same computer, the school should purchase a license for each teacher.

I bought a recorder that advertises Flute Master but there’s no license inside.

Some recorder flutes include only a reference to Flute Master (and the QRCode to our website) so that you get to know that the app exists and teaches you to play the recorder. They don’t contain a license to actually unlock the full game without a purchase.

Unless stated in the packaging that a license is included, as happens in bundles by Voggenreiter and some by Yamaha, the bundle does not include a license.

In any case, the license is functionally equivalent to a purchase in one of the online stores such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store and Steam (for the respective operating systems), which can be done from inside the game itself. Its advantage is that you can use a license on multiple devices with different operating systems, which doesn’t happen with online store purchases.


I purchased your product on the Apple App Store and want to share it with my family but it’s not working!

Was your purchase made inside the product itself or in the store? Unfortunately, Apple does not allow Family Sharing to be used for in-app purchases; only for products that are paid from the start.

Inserting a license while on my school network gives an HTTP error!

Depending on the error, this may happen due to restrictions on your school’s network, especially if it is related to SSL or port 443.

Please contact the person or team responsible for managing the network on your school and let them know that our apps require access to the domain “” and respective subdomains (* through port 443, which is used for secure https connections. Most importantly, the apps need the subdomain “”, which is used to check the licenses.

My school wants to purchase an app using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education (VPP) but it’s not working. Why?

Unfortunately we’re sad to say that this is not possible right now. Apple does not allow in-app purchases to be acquired via the VPP, so we will need to create extra versions of our apps that are paid up-front.

We are working on this!

I want a refund for my purchase on an online store (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store). What do I do?

Firstly, if you are having a problem with our apps we are available via to try to fix it. smile If all else fails or if you simply made a mistake, the refund process is as follows.

On the App Store, only Apple can handle refunds for apps and decide if they are valid. Please follow their instructions here:

On Google Play, please follow these instructions and general information:

On the Microsoft Store, please see this link:


The game is not responding to my instrument (recorder, drum sticks, etc). There are no detected notes at all!

Does the game present an error message when the microphone is used? This might be a hint to what is happening.

If you are playing on an iOS or Android device (phone or tablet), or on a Windows version from Microsoft Store, one possibility is that something happened with the microphone permission. The Apps must have the user’s permission to use the microphone, and they will ask for it unless forced to do otherwise. If they aren’t asking any more you should go to the settings of the app (this is different from device to device) and allow it to access the microphone, either under permissions or privacy-related options. We don’t use your microphone data for anything else than detecting and processing sound into notes or hits.

On Windows and macOS, please confirm if your microphone is working properly and is selected as the default (NOTE: the app may also let you select the microphone in its options menu, even if it’s not the default device):

– On Windows right click the volume icon in the tray bar (lower right corner of the screen), select “Sounds”, access the “Recording” tab and confirm that your wanted microphone is the default input device. Please also check the microphone properties and try disabling or enabling any filters (“Enhancements”) to get different results (some filters can remove repetitive noises or anything that is not voice, which might include the instrument you are trying to use).

– On macOS go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and confirm your input device.

You can also see if the input level displayer is reacting to sound (green bars on Windows or grey bars on macOS).

The game is frequently detecting other notes and is very sensitive when I play.

Since they use the microphone, our games may have trouble detecting your musical instrument if the sound from the game is loud and playing at the same time. This is why we usually recommend headphones to play.

Another possible solution is to get the microphone away from the speakers or reduce the game volume so that you are still able to hear but it doesn’t interfere as much!

Furthermore, if there is too much noise in the environment, like traffic on the roads or people speaking, the game might not be able to hear your instrument well.

You can also try playing closer to the microphone if possible. It helps the game a bit.

The problem can also be technical, so if you are on Windows or macOS please check the microphone volume:

– On Windows, double-click the microphone, go to “Levels”.
– On macOS, select your input device.

Confirm that the volume and/or boost levels are adequate (generally high).

Why does your app only let me do X and Y without purchasing the full version?

We understand the question, but please note that our apps are essentially still paid software. smile We provide the apps as free-to-try so you can check if they work well for you before commiting to a purchase of the complete version.

If something is not present in the light/demo/trial version it’s because we thought it would make more sense to only be able to access it after the purchase.

Google Play reports that your app requires access to my “Photos/Media/Files”. Why?

We surely don’t access your photos or random files on your device, don’t worry! The apps require access to the storage to save and load their data, and the permission includes that. In some cases it might also be used to import/export files, and you are in control of choosing those files.

I’m trying to install one of your apps on Windows 10 / macOS but I get a warning that the app may be unsafe and it doesn’t let me open it!

This warning appears due to downloading the app from the Internet. If you downloaded the app from our website, this is normal.

To open the app on Windows you can press “More info” in the warning screen and then “Run anyway”.

On macOS, you may need to right click the app and select “Open” INSTEAD of just double-clicking the app to open. Doing it from the context menu lets you choose “Open” again in the question dialog that appears.

The game does not work! It crashes or hangs at some point, is slow, etc. What can I do?

Oh dear!

First of all, try contacting us via and explain the problem. Tell us what operating system you are running the app on (Windows, macOS, iOS or Android) and what is the app’s version (usually seen in the options menu as something like “2.20.01”). Your device model might also be useful.

If we cannot find a solution, you can request a refund. See the relevant links in “I want a refund for my purchase. What do I do?”.

In order for the whole class to see the app running, I’m trying to display it in a TV / interactive whiteboard from my device, but there’s not sound/image. Help!

Projecting from a laptop or desktop computer generally works well. This problem likely happens on mobile devices.

If you are on an iOS device try sliding open the control panel and selecting different configurations in the AirPlay menu. Your iOS should also be updated to the latest version.

If you have other problems contact us at Please explain the situation and tell us which app you are trying to project.

I have another problem! / A solution given here did not work. What should I do?

Try contacting us via and explain the problem. If it’s a technical issue, please mention what operating system you are running the app on (Windows, macOS, iOS or Android) and what is the app’s version (usually seen in the options menu as something like “2.20.01”).

We will reply back as soon as we can, on work days.

Flute Master

The bats/notes are out of sync with the music track.

This can happen and it depends on your device. To improve this, please go to the options menu and adjust the “Audio Delay” slider.

If the bats pass the tower too soon (i.e. before their correct time in the track), try a lower (more negative) value. If the opposite happens, try positive values. See what value works best for you.

Can I get the backing tracks and the recorder sheet music for the main Flute Master tracks?


You can get any of the individual backing tracks from here:

For sheet music please download this zip file, which contains the sheet music for the 30 main tracks:

Why is the game called Flute Master if it’s about recorders?

The recorder is an “internal duct flute”, so it is a flute with a whistle mouthpiece. The flute family is large!

We understand that it can cause confusion, but we also thought that “Recorder Master” wouldn’t be clear (and that name already existed, even then). For most non-native English-speaking people, a “recorder” is simply a device that records sound, since that is the most common meaning.

Furthermore, as an example, Portuguese people call the recorder flute a “flauta” (or “flauta de bisel”), which is much more similar to the word “flute”. This also happens in many other European countries.

But you are right, it’s a game about (soprano) recorders. An actual “flute” will not work with Flute Master. 🙁

Cornelius Composer

Can I compose for two piano hands and for multiple instruments?

Sorry, not currently. This is something we definitely want to add to Cornelius Composer in the future.

Can I print the sheet music I compose?

Yes. For this you should use the export functionality in the side menu and export the score as PDF. Then you can open and print the PDF file like you would any other.

Beware that the export function is only available in the full version of Cornelius Composer (i.e. after purchase).

Didn’t find the solution for your issue? Then please write us here. We are happy to help you out!