I want a refund for my purchase on an online store (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store). What do I do?

First of all: If you have a problem with our apps, we will be happy to help you via support@classplash.com to try to fix it. However, if we can’t solve your problem this way, or if you simply made a mispurchase, please proceed as follows:

Only Apple can make refunds for apps on the App Store. Please follow their instructions here:

For Google Play please follow these instructions and read the general information:

In the Microsoft Store, you can find further help on how to get a refund for app purchases made here:

Inserting a license while on my school network gives an HTTP error!

This error can occur due to limitations in your school’s network, especially if it is SSL or port 443.

Please contact the person/team responsible for managing your school’s network and inform them that our applications require access to the domain “classplash.com” and its subdomains (*.classplash.com) via port 443, which is used for secure https connections. Most importantly, the applications require access to the sub-domain “api.classplash.com”, which is used for license verification.

I bought a recorder that advertises Flute Master but there’s no license inside.

Some recorders only contain a reference to Flute Master (and the QR code to our website), so you know the app exists and can teach you to play the recorder. These recorders do not include a license to actually unlock the full game.

Unless the package states that a license is included, as is the case with bundles from Voggenreiter and some from Yamaha, the bundle does not include a license.

The license in any case is functionally equivalent to a purchase from one of the online stores such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store and Steam (for the respective operating systems), which can be made from within the game itself. The advantage of having a license is that it can be used on multiple devices and different operating systems, which is not the case with purchases from the online stores.

I purchased your software for a personal device. Can I also use it in the classroom?

If the device you use in the classroom is yours, for example your laptop that you bring to class every day, you can definitely do that.

Also on a school computer that is only used by one person, the same license may be used.

However, if several people share the same computer, the school should purchase a corresponding number of individual licenses.

Can I use a license on multiple devices?

Yes, most of the licenses included in our physical bundles allow you to use our applications on 3 different personal devices.

If you should no longer have access to one of the devices, our system can renew access after some time and you can use your license on another new device.

I want to purchase something, but it always says “The purchase system isn’t ready”. My Internet connection is on! What is happening?

Most likely the system had a problem trying to boot and is now causing these difficulties. It should normally be able to make purchases again after a short time with an active Internet connection. If this is not the case, we recommend that you close the app completely and try again afterwards.

To close the app on Android and iOS, open the screen that shows all open apps and close our app completely by sliding it up.

I have purchased your app before but now it asks me for a “purchase”/”license” and “restore purchases” does not work. Why?

If restoring your purchase does not work even though you are logged in with the correct account, there are two possible reasons:

1) If you are using an Android device, the data for Google Play purchases on the device may be out of date. This is a common problem, but you can fix it. First, close our app completely via the “open apps” screen, then go to the list of apps installed on your device. Search for “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Services” and delete the cached data for both. If you now open our app, you should be able to restore your purchase.

2) You may have purchased an earlier version of the app but are trying to use the newer one. In the past, we have changed most of our apps from a directly paid version to a free trial version with in-app purchase of the full version. Unfortunately, it was not possible to automatically convert existing users, as the stores considered the app to be a completely new app. We are very sorry for this inconvenience! If this problem applies to you, please send us an email with a copy of your purchase confirmation ( feel free to remove any sensitive information) and we will try to give you access to the latest version.

I purchased the full version but the levels are still locked! Why?

The levels are not really “locked” anymore, they are just waiting for you to open them.

If you have purchased the full version of our app, you have access to all the main levels of the game. But you must first complete level 1 to unlock level 2, level 2 to unlock level 3, and so on.