Unleash your
ukulele and
guitar skills

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Learn to play guitar and ukulele

Become the next superstar in Harmony City! Learn to play chords on your instrument along with your favorite YouTube videos. Play wherever you want! The app is available on different platforms!

Product not final – changes possible

Available soon:

Share the stage with your favorite artists!

Learn to play with well-known YouTube artists and become the next superstar!

Harmony City listens to your ukulele and guitar

Play with your ukulele or guitar and our innovative microphone detection will guide you through the song.

Real time sound detection

The app listens to you playing and gives real-time feedback – no special equipment needed.

Unique gameplay experience

Bring energy to Harmony City by playing the right chords on your instrument.

Big variety of genres

Play your favorite songs from famous YouTube artists and choose from popular genres like rock, pop and soul.

New content regularly

Start right away with more than 60 songs and get new content regularly.

Tune your instrument

Tune your ukulele or guitar easily.

Professional Instructions

Before you start playing, you will be guided through video tutorials made by professionals!

Learn the most common chord shapes, get hints for strumming, how to hold and tune the instrument, and much more.

Trust in Experts

Harmony City is part of the World of Music project, which was awarded worldwide.

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We are planning to release Harmony City by the end of this year. The first 500 subscribers will get an exclusive 20% discount for Harmony City.

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Harmony City rocking the classroom