Say hello to music and play


7 different Mujis available. Each Muji corresponds to one musical note and is represented by one colour, animal and song. Child-oriented gameplay with educational value. The app is translated in portuguese, english and german.
Strengthens the parent-child relationship. With special setting options for adults only. Can also be used in toddlers’ groups and kindergartens. Minimum recommended age: 2.

Supported instruments

Claps | Drum | Djembe | Maracas

The perfect start into the world of music

Hello Music is an interactive and colourful game which can be played using real instruments or clapping hands. Children will have their first contact with the world of music and be introduced to the most common notes in music.

Colourfully and child-friendly animated as “Muji”, the music notes wake up when children make their first sounds. They will start exploring music, sing and dance together with their new musical friends!



Also available as bundle

Hello Music is also available in a bundle with matching high-quality musical instruments. You can find the set in music shops, bookstores, toy stores and many online shops.

All instruments are personally tested by Classplash to ensure optimal compatibility and the bundles are designed to deliver the best possible playing experience with Hello Music.