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Classplash are available for free until June 30, 2021 for Microsoft Showcase Schools, Microsoft Innovator Educator Experts and Microsoft Global Training Partners only.

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the closure of numerous educational institutions around the world. In these difficult times we want to help and support the global MIEE communities who are looking for ways to teach remotely and keep students engaged with music. Therefore, all music education apps from Classplash are available for free until June 2021 for the global MIEE communities – the retail value for each license would normally be $4,99 up to $9,99 USD per year for each license (depending on the quantity)! Just fill out our form and request your licenses which can be used by teachers and students.

What is the World of Music?

The World of Music is an app-suite which brings together all music educational solutions developed by Classplash. It allows students and teachers to access all our apps. The core of these apps is the innovative microphone recognition which enables students to learn to play music on real musical instruments (soprano recorder, percussion instrument, etc.) supported by the apps. Animated music notes and continuous storytelling turn music lessons into a playful adventure and introduce students to reading music and composing their own pieces according to their age.

Included App Suite

Cross-platform sheet music editor developed especially for children and teachers.

Learn to play the recorder step by step. Just install the app, grab a recorder and start playing!

Learn to read music and drum to the beat. Just install the app and have fun!

Do students need all applications?

All apps are self-contained learning programs, but the combination of the different applications brings the most value to the students, as each app covers specific areas of the music curriculum. The animated notes evolve along with the difficulty level of the apps and together with the learning progress, small round fantasy shapes, gradually approach the “real” music notes. This makes the learning experience even more intense, as can be seen in our testimonial video.

COVID M365 Partner Offerings – Details

Offer Period & Geos: July 15, 2020 thru June 30, 2021 for Worldwide
Sign Up Period: July 15, 2020 thru September 30, 2020

Qualified Members:

  • All MIEE (US+ International)*
  • All Showcases School Leaders*
  • Global Training Partners**

*Only available for each MIEE’s associated school.
**Only available for teacher training purposes. Not for resale.


Current paying customers of the ISV solution.
Customers in current pre-existing sales pipeline as of July 14, 2020 with the ISV.
Sister schools of the MIEE schools under the same school district are not qualified.

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Explained for teachers

In our “Explained for teachers” videos, we break down all our world of music apps to give you hints on how to use them in classroom reality! Hope you enjoy it!

Tips & Tricks

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Flute Master on YouTube

Are your students already “Flute-Masters”? If yes, then it’s time for them to become superstars! With our app you can use YouTube videos to teach your students the most famous melodies in the world. From well-known classics to the current Top 100 of the charts. Once your students have mastered the basics of recorder playing, you can expand your lessons with this feature. Follow us on YouTube for further inspiration!

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