Learn how to read music and drum to the beat


Introduction to reading music. Introduction to percussion with real and virtual instruments. 70 rhythmic challenges.
Music notes have voices. Scoring system encourages continuous practicing. Can also be used in classrooms.

Supported instruments

Claps | Drum(sticks) | Djembe | Maracas

Feel the rhythm

Have you ever tried to play drums but felt like reading music wasn’t your thing? That’s over now!

In the Rhythmic Village you will discover the funny “Rhythmiacs” – musical notes that literally have the beat in their blood! On your adventure you will learn the basics of reading sheet music, play percussion instruments and improve your sense of rhythm.

All you need to start is our app!

Tools for teachers

Our apps are the result of a worldwide award-winning project, which has been developed in collaboration with over 200 primary school students. Today, we are working with a large network of teachers and specialists in the field of music pedagogy.

Great for teachers: use a projector or interactive whiteboard to engage your students like never before! The content of the app follows most countries’ music curriculum and even teachers without musical training can use them to enhance their lessons.



Also available as bundle

Rhythmic Village is also available in a bundle with matching high-quality musical instruments. You can find the set in music shops, bookstores, toy stores and many online shops. All instruments are personally tested by Classplash to ensure optimal compatibility and the bundles are designed to deliver the best possible playing experience with Rhythmic Village.